2016 Goals: September Update

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1. Go to bed/wake up earlier.
I’ve actually been doing really well with this so far!

2. Make dinner 3x/week
I’ve done it a few times.

3. Keep living space clean.
I’m KonMaring this month, so…

4. Live off salary and save freelance income.
I had to sacrifice three weeks of salary to take time off, so this isn’t going to happen.

5. Save $1000.
See above.

6. Then get a secured credit card.

7. Finish dissertation by end of July January/Finish draft of middle-grade novel by December.
My new goal is end of January. I’ve started writing every day, but I’m not sure if it’s going to turn into a middle-grade novel, exactly.

This month, I’m trying not to drink any kind of soda. It’s been hard, but not as hard as the other times I’ve tried to quit soda. I think before, I was letting myself drink Sprite, seltzer, etc., and somehow that’s harder than just giving up the entire class of fizzy beverages all together.

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