2016 Goals: October Update

See January, February, March, April, May, June, July, , and September.

1. Go to bed/wake up earlier.
I have been going back and forth on this. Lately, I haven’t been doing so hot.

2. Make dinner 3x/week
I’ve done it a few times.

3. Keep living space clean.
Nope, but I really hope to do a major cleanup this month. It’s hard to keep it going when it’s not just your stuff, which I learned when trying to KonMari.

4. Live off salary and save freelance income.
Like last month, I didn’t get my full salary. But I hope that it will be possible this month.

5. Save $1000.
Again, see above.

6. Then get a secured credit card.
I would like to mention that I got a $300 credit line increase on this one :)

7. Finish dissertation by end of July January/Finish draft of middle-grade novel by December.
I’m still hoping to finish the dissertation–I plan to spend November doing that–but the middle-grade novel is on the backburner.

My September goal was to stop drinking soda, and I didn’t do it 100%, but I did stop drinking at home, which is a huge step in the right direction. This month, I’m going to try to start following the Wolf chronotype schedule, which I will write more about in a future blog post.