New Year, New You

…At least that’s what many of us try to accomplish. And, in a way, what this blog is about.

I’ve always been a slob. Even as a child, getting me to keep my room clean was an eternal struggle. As an adult, with no one to actually tell me what to do, this situation has not improved.

Me, currently

In fact, it is quite appropriate that my parents named me “Vanessa,” because how many other names possess a potential nicknames that rhyme with “messy”? “Messy Nessy” is just who I’ve always been. I don’t remember a time that I was able to stay organized and keep my living area/desk at school/locker clean for more than few days.

This doesn’t mean that I am not fascinated by how the other half lives. I’ve always loved going to places like The Container Store, thinking that the perfect storage system is all that is separating me from neatness. I own a Filofax. Like everyone else in 2015, I made a halfhearted attempt at KonMari. I look at people like Marie Kondo and Alejandra Costello and see just how much they revel in organization. I feel like it’s just not my personality. I don’t really “see” mess, and I feel like it doesn’t affect me.

But then I started cleaning up my kitchen every night, and I realized that having a neater, cleaner space does improve my mood. I feel happier and more productive. And maybe all it takes is changing your habits to stop being so messy.

Future me

I’ve always felt like some people are just born neat, and I wished I was one of them. But just because you’re not wired this way doesn’t mean you can’t make it something you do consciously in your daily life. It just takes a little more effort for you.

So basically, I’m going to writing about my journey from an Oscar to a Felix, or something approaching Unger Level, anyway.

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